Young Leaders

The HP4K Young Leaders program began at South Windsor High School in the 2013-2014 season.  At its core, the program strives to share best practices with high school students, provide a positive role model, expose the participants to guest speakers, and provide working world excursion to see lessons learned demonstrated in the real world.  Below is a short film created by some of our Young Leaders: 

The core tenants of the Young Leaders program

Positive Role Models

  • Enable kids to build a quality relationship with a positive role model through interaction that is underpinned with trust, accessibility and consistency

Create Leaders

  • Pass on the skills that enables students to achieve success:  resiliency, team work, and leadership
  • Help students to develop a sense of self-worth, achieve their goals and thereby create a network of leaders capable of positively affecting their own communities to an extent not possible by a lone individual

New Opportunities

  • Learning experiences will be reinforced through class activities and working world excursions offering students access to new environments that may not normally be possible, thereby raising their aspirations and understanding of the world around them
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