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Our Programs

Young Readers


The Young Readers program is an incentive-based reading competition for elementary school students.  Piloted in 2009, our flagship Program is a fun, easy, and effective way to get hockey players involved in their communities.

Young Leaders

The Young Leaders program began in South Windsor Connecticut in the 2013-14 season.  At its core, the program strives to share best practices with high school students, provide a positive role model, and expose students to the working world excursion to see the lessons learned demonstrated int eh real world.

Kindergarten Read Along



The Kindergarten Read Along program began in 2013 as a way for players to visit with students who have not yet begun working on the skill of reading but who might benefit greatly from exposure to the wonderful world of books.

Give Moore for the Holidays

Give Moore for the Holidays was inspired by HP4K co-founder Mike Moore in 2008. While playing for the Worcester Sharks (AHL),  Mike encountered a group of kids who weren’t going to have much of a Christmas. He created a wish list of toys, had all the players on his team sign up to buy one or two inexpensive items, and arranged for the players to give the kids the toys after a December home game, which the Worcester Sharks generously donated tickets for. The event was a huge success! The kids had an absolute blast and the guys loved having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s happy holiday.

Holiday Helpers



Holiday Helpers allows players and teams to host an event for local children and their families to share a meal as a community.  The players and their significant others play the role of server and turn the universal tradition of a holiday meal into a fun event with local celebrities. 

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